As a result of bad dentistry many years ago, I needed extensive dental treatment. Through a recommendation from a friend, I visited the Coach House Dental Practice in Frimley and had an initial consultation with Mr. Nicholas Millhouse. He guided me every step of the way and, thanks to him, with his special skills and reassuring manner, my confidence and my smile has now returned. It is difficult to express in words just how grateful I am - in fact the whole team have been kindness personified. Thank-you.

- J. Smith, December 2015

In part due to poor treatment received at another practice, eating had become difficult and often painful. I was lucky to find myself in the capable hands of Sam Ellis at Coach House. Sam works with forethought and care and enjoys it too. After several treatments over a number of months, I'm able to take full pleasure in eating again.

Unexpectedly I even came to enjoy my visits to Coach House knowing that I was in capable and professional hands. I almost fell asleep in the chair a couple of times too which speaks volumes. Thanks Sam! 

- M. Bennett, October 2015

Over the years I had many dentists and treatments - many ill advised - lots of issues and problems.

Scoured the internet - looked at Coach House - local - good recommendations.

Must say treatment and analysis first class - honest and truthful, managed expectations.

Decided on dental implants - very happy with decision - look and feel like my own teeth. Would certainly recommend to others and have done - I feel I can now live a normal life.

I wish to thank all at the Coach House - all staff, including reception are understanding. Had many years of poor dentistry - until now. Thank you, Coach House.

- C. Reynolds, September 2015

My husband recommended Coach House to me in 2009. I was suffering from bad teeth and gum problems when I first came to see Dr. Davidson. I told him that I am very frightened to see dentists as I had a very painful experience when I was treated by another dentist years ago. After his treatment, I just want to say that Dr. Davidson is very friendly, professional and the highest skilled dentist I have met. I didn't feel any pain during his treatment. Five years later, my tooth condition is back to normal. I listen to his advice, I attend regularly to have my teeth checked and to see the hygienist. I am very happy and lucky to be his patient. In Coach House, the dentists are professional and highly skilled, all of the staff are very friendly and warm, the environment is clean and calm. This is a clinic you can trust. I recommended my sister and daughter to the clinic to have their teeth checked and treatment carried out when they came to England to visit me because I trust Coach House. Thank you Dr. Davidson. Thank you to all the staff.

- J. Zhang, August 2015

I have been going to the Coach House Dental Practice for many years and have always found everyone to be professional, efficient and very friendly.

Just recently I have had quite a lot of work done, including microsurgery for root canal treatment at their onsite sister practice, Cedar Clinic. This was done by Maslinda Mohamad. I was made to feel very relaxed and the whole procedure was carried out without any discomfort in any way. Being able to have this treatment done in the Cedar Clinic meant there was a very good liaison between Maslinda and Mr. Davidson.

After deciding to have two implants Mr. Davidson spent time explaining the whole process involved in great detail and with his knowledge and skill all went well. The whole procedure was completely painless and I am very pleased with the end result. If it had not been for all the up-to-date equipment and technology the need for this treatment would not have been evident.

I can only speak very highly of all the team at the Coach House Practice and especially of all the treatment Mr. Davidson has done for me over the years.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending the Coach House Dental Practice.

- A. Gregory, August 2015

I chose the Coach House through recommendations from other nervous patients as the care and attention shown to them was what I was looking for. And I was not disappointed. My dentist, Sam Ellis, was wonderful, putting me at ease and explaining every step of my treatment as we went along. Even a wisdom tooth extraction was not a problem thanks to the treatment under sedation at their sister practice, Cedar Clinic. Thank you, I now have the smile I have always longed for.

- S. Meldrum, July 2015

We have always found the dental surgeons and staff very friendly and approachable such that we remained with them when we relocated temporarily to Dorset for three years.

We would certainly recommend our dental surgeon and the practice in general. We always feel at ease when visiting the practice.

- G. Davies, June 2015

My dental health care has been provided by Coach House for over 20 years since being recommended by a friend when I moved to Surrey. I have always found the practice to be welcoming, reliable and efficient.

My dental surgeon, Mr. Nicholas Millhouse, has never failed to be punctual, helpful and friendly. He is almost most thorough and skilful in his examinations and treatments and great care is taken in explaining the reasons for any proposed actions. He is fully supported by my hygienist, Grecia Patel, in ensuring as little as possible is required to maintain my teeth and gums.


Keep up the good work, folks. Thank-you

- J. Robinson, June 2015

I came to Coach House for my first dental appointment about 3 years ago, and for me it was a revelation. Professionalism and efficiency were evident from the outset with all possible treatments available on-site. No more need to travel to another dentist if sedation was needed as had been the case with my previous dentist. I've spent quite a few hours at Coach House in the last couple of years and the treatment that I have received has been top class. I happily recommend the Coach House Dental Practice to anyone looking for first class treatment.

- A. Parkin, January 2015

My wife Louise originally found Coach House Dental Practice which was local to where we lived in Surrey at the time. Throughout my adult life I have had dental treatment, but due to my previous occupation where I moved around the UK a lot I had received treatment from a number of dentists. I mistakenly failed to invest in my dental health and used predominantly NHS dentists. Without wishing to bash the NHS service, it is fair to say quality varied drastically.

An over-riding concern was the pain I experienced on a daily basis. I had visited our dentist to express concern at the pain on several occasions. Things came to a head when I experienced a dental abscess and visited the NHS out of hours emergency clinic where this was treated and some comments made which served as a wakeup call. I asked my wife to explore private treatment available locally. My criteria for this was that I wanted to visit a fully private dentist, not an NHS dentist doing private work on the side. I wanted high quality treatment from a professional who was fully funded by paying customers and subject to usual commercial pressures rather than someone 'propped-up' by people with nowhere else to go.

I should add as further background that veneers were applied to my front teeth during my teens due to staining and cavities in the front. I was aware over recent years that these had become very worn and unsightly but again was reluctant to tackle the problem due to cost. Indeed several of the NHS dentists had offered to work on these privately and seemed quite enthusiastic to do so even though they were unable to resolve the non-cosmetic issues on their regular tariff!

I can remember the initial check-up with Nick and was impressed by the customer service offered by him and his team. The check-up was followed by a short meeting with an adviser to discuss the treatment he had recommended. It was extensive (although I hasten to add it was not unreasonably expensive, there was just a lot that needed doing). I was clearly aware that this was very much the first part of treatment which as at today has taken over a year to complete. I am fortunate that I was in a position to be able to fund the plan, but nonetheless when I returned home I was sheepish when I told Louise of the outcome. Her response was blunt and unequivocal - 'You've been in pain from your teeth since I've known you (13 years at that time), you should get it sorted, whatever it costs.'

I was so confident at Nick's abilities from the initial appointment that I even managed to convince Louise to make an appointment for a check-up, and she proceeded with a (less extensive) course of treatment. This is significant because she had not visited a dentist previously in her adult life and is generally uncomfortable with dentistry. Nick put her at ease and she had confidence in him.

The pain I was experiencing daily was largely resolved within a few weeks of that initial appointment. I actually felt quite sorry for Nick as he opened up filling after filling that had been done by previous dentists to find the source of the problem - he was clearly embarrassed at the scale of these and the amount of work he would have to do to put them right. His approach and his concern at the cost / level of work to be done gave me confidence that he was not just finding things to do.

I quickly noticed that his dentistry was different - it's common for people to assume that a dental appointment will result in pain afterwards when the anaesthetic wears off, but I can honestly say that I have only experienced such pain after Nick's treatment twice and both of these were after significant work (the first was after placement of a dental implant in my jaw!). On both occasions this wore off after a few days, but generally speaking an appointment resolved pain rather than creating it, even those for root treatments.

On commencement of one root treatment it quickly became apparent to Nick that it would require referral to a specialist. I was reassured by how quickly this was done and the specialist was clearly highly competent too. During the first of two appointments she noted the work already undertaken and remarked how neat and tidy Nick's root fillings were.

A few months into the treatment plan we moved to Somerset but I was so confident in Nick's ability that I wanted him to complete the work and have continued to travel the two hours to Frimley for my appointments. My wife attended another dentist locally to where we now live but was unhappy with the initial appointment and has not visited since, she has also since returned to Coach House Dental Practice for her future check-ups and treatment regardless of the distance.

It's almost eighteen months and my mouth has been changed beyond recognition by Nick's efforts. While the cosmetic appearance was never a leading consideration for me in having the work done, I am very pleased with the outcome. More importantly the pain has gone and I am confident that my dental health has been transformed by the professional and courteous treatment I received. On showing one of our friends the before and after photographs she remarked that if she had seen these in an advert she wouldn't believe they were from the same mouth!

In summary, yes, private dentistry is costly but Coach House seems to be no more so than similar providers and the investment in your ongoing health is more important than an amazing holiday or having the latest gadgets and electronics and certainly has more impact on your quality of life. I cannot recommend Coach House Dental Practice and Nick Millhouse enough. The entire practice exudes professionalism and courtesy while maintaining a friendly approach to customers, and more important the treatment is second to none.

- D. Hector, January 2015

From the first time I went to Coach House I was most impressed with the way I was received those few years ago and then met Mr. Davidson, who was to be my Dental Surgeon. He put me at my ease and advised me what needed attention. I soon found him to be more as a friend in whom I had and still have every confidence. I would not wish for a better Dental Surgeon and have told him how confident I am with him.

I am so glad that I decided to use Coach House rather than try for NHS and have never regretted doing so.

When I knew I was moving out of the area I made sure that I had an appointment to see Mr. Davidson again and as I needed a tooth out and a filling, this was done by Mr. Davidson and I strongly recommend him to any person who needs dental treatment.

- H. West, December 2014

Through several recommendations we chose The Coach House, this proved to be a brilliant choice. Our personal dentist is Sam Ellis. My wife had serious heart problems (endocarditis), she then had to have a new mitral valve fitted, this has been known to be caused by bacteria entering the bloodstream via dental work (this is why we changed). Sam had contacted the cardiologist at Frimley Park Hospital before any work was commenced on my wife which we believe to be outstanding work on Sam's part. We both see Sam and find her a brilliant dentist (as dentists go!). The staff at the Coach House are fantastic, they cannot do enough for you (esp reception). We have also used the hygienist which are also very good. We both can totally recommend this practice, first class in everything.

- C. Cresswell, December 2014

After having some bad experiences with the NHS Dental System, I decided and looked elsewhere for a friendly, caring clean practice with a good professional team. I found this in the Coach House Dental Practice.

I have been attending this practice for more than a decade, under the care of Mr. Millhouse. I have had various treatments carried out by Mr. Millhouse. Recently I have had two dental implants done and I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment.


Mr. Millhouse is truly a professional dental surgeon who is very positive and caring. He always has a pleasant greeting and a smile before and after each session. It is very reassuring to know you can trust your dentist and that work carried out will be excellent.


I recommend this dental practice to anyone who wishes to have a good professional and caring team to look after his or her teeth.

- S. Youell, November 2014

I have attended the Coach House Dental Practice for a good many years. I have always found the care and attention excellent and advice always good and fair.

An early experience that has always stayed with me was painless injections - thank you, Mr. Davidson! I would recommend to others for the reasons already stated.

Waiting room very clean, bright and fresh and reception staff very helpful.

- M. Chalmers, October 2014

I chose the Coach House Dental Practice as my dentist because I had heard very good things about the care they provide from friends and family.

All the dentists I have seen at the practice have been friendly and have put me at my ease. They clearly explain any treatment you need and never pressurise you to have any treatment. The insurance plan makes it really affordable to have check -ups and hygiene appointments.

I would recommend the practice to everyone, as the friendly atmosphere created by all the staff takes away any fears you may of the dentist.

- Debora Hodgson October 2014

I'm a very content patient at the Coach House Dental Practice, for me it's because you don't get the 'conveyor belt treatment'. Having had all sorts of treatments, all working to my benefit, keeps me a happy patient.

Last year, under the continued care of Mr. Davidson, I had dental implants fitted to cater for my full upper jaw. Writing this testimonial has given me the perfect opportunity 'without shouting it from the rooftops' to express that what he , and all involved, did for me went way beyond my expectations. I knew I was in good hands as I've been attending this practice for more years than I care to remember. Yes, I'm a very happy patient - the transformation to my well-being, let alone the cosmetic reasons, worth every penny, if not more.

For regular check-ups and cleaning, and peace of mind should I need an emergency dentist, I pay a very reasonable each month via the Practice Membership Plan option that is available. For any other treatments, be it a luxury or necessity, this practice certainly delivers a standard of real quality and excellence.

All the staff here are always happy to help, empathetic towards situations, and have a way of putting you at your ease and nothing is too much.

The compliments I receive really should be directed to Mr. Davidson and the lovely Grecia who helps me keep my teeth and oral hygiene in the best condition possible.

- C.S. September 2014

I have been using Coach House Dental Practice for more than 10 years following recommendation from a friend and I would not hesitate to recommend them myself.

All staff are both friendly and professional and communication and treatment is delivered in a very open way and cost of treatment set out clearly.

The ambience in both reception and treatment areas is good, helping even the most nervous patient to relax.

- C.S. September 2014

I've been a patient of Tony Davidson for many years and wouldn't want to see anyone else. I have a real phobia of dentists but Tony is so understanding and kind, explains what he's doing and gives me confidence.

I would also like to mention Janet, Karen and Victoria. They are always so friendly and again calming, putting me at ease and yet remaining professional. The same for the hygienists. The Coach House is honestly tops. Reception staff 10/10.

I live about 25 miles from the practice but, as I mentioned above, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Thanks to Tony and all of the staff I always keep my check-ups and hygienist appointments up to date. I'm just so glad I have the Coach House to look after me. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

- G. Palmer July 2014

I have been coming to the practice for the last 25 years. I am very pleased with the service provided. I had my first implant with Toni Day. It's a pleasure coming to the Coach House, the friendliness and hospitality is first class. I have no complaints and I would and have recommended people to the practice.

- G. Wing June 2014

My family and I have been with Coach House Dental Practice for over 20 years.

Over the years I have had extensive dental work done, including implants.

Being an extremely nervous patient, Mr. Tony Davidson has always been very gentle and reassuring, explaining everything as he went along.

My family have absolute trust in Mr. Davidson too and are totally satisfied with the service he provides.

Nicol Sculler is our hygienist. She is very thorough and gentle and our sessions with her are practically enjoyable.

The reception staff, led by Janet, are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating.

We are very lucky to have a dental practice providing consistent first class care and professional service on our doorstep.

I have recommended friends and colleagues to Coach House Dental Practice over the years and will certainly continue to do so.

- A. Kong, June 2014

I've been coming to the Coach House since I was a child and have continually received top quality care from Mr. Millhouse and the Hygienist team.

Having accessible services and a welcoming environment mean I don't have to worry about what might happen in an emergency - I know the right help is there if needed.

Mr. Millhouse is very reassuring and professional and I would highly recommend the practice to friends and our family already benefit from their kind care.

- F. Davis June 2014

The practice and you, personally, were recommended by someone I met at a Health Club. I was not happy with the dentist I was seeing at that time and was looking for one who showed sympathy towards a nervous patient.

I have always experienced the utmost help and consideration from you, your practice and admin staff. Treatment has always been explained to me and I would, certainly, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone wanting a change of practice.

- S. Black May 2014

When I was younger, I underwent a lot of invasive orthodontic treatment and was very reluctant to go back to the dentist, even for a regular check-up. I chose the Coach House as I wanted to feel confident about my dental treatment and reduce the anxiety I felt about the experience. Coach House specialises in treating nervous patients which made me feel that I had made the right choice. Also, the fact that I could join Practice Plan and pay for my check-ups and hygienist appointments monthly ensured that I would continue going!

Mr. Nicoll immediately put me at ease as his patient and I felt reassured that he wouldn't undertake any treatment unless absolutely necessary. Through Coach House and Mr. Nicoll, I no longer dread going to the dentist and feel that my teeth are in the best possible hands.

The practice and the staff are highly accommodating in every way and make you feel valued and looked after. I would wholeheartedly recommend Coach House to anyone looking for fantastic dentists and a great dental experience all round.

- C. Holford May 2014

Everytime I have used the practice, the staff have been very friendly and helpful. Can always get an appointment when requested. Very good service. Would recommend.

- J. Adinall May 2014

When we moved to the Camberley area we chose a practice in Frimley that has now evolved into the Coach House Practice so we have been with Mr. Nicoll and the Coach House team for quite a long time. We are greeted more like friends than patients and this continues throughout our visits. Mr. Nicoll and Grecia Patel look after us and together, with the receptionists, make our visits stress free.

Any treatment that may be required is clearly explained together with options that may be available to best suit our needs. We have every confidence that the range of treatments available is up-to-date and is provided in a caring manner.

- John Noakes April 2014

Professionalism and quality show, in every aspect of the premises and the practice. Surroundings are clean, modern and comfortable; the reception staff are friendly and helpful. The equipment is obviously modern. The dentist makes a point of explaining the treatment and offering options and talking through any various possibilities which may be available.

I've been going there for over 7 years and I'm very glad that I found it.

-Mr. F. D. March 2014

I joined this dental practice on a recommendation after moving to the area from London in 1984. Mr. Nicoll was my dentist at that time and remains so 30 years later. His style is easy-going and relaxed and I have always experienced first class treatment in a friendly environment.

The reception staff are friendly and helpful and the hygienist sessions pain-free.

I am hard-to-please by nature, but Mr. Nicoll is a first class dentist in every respect, proved by my 30 years with him.

-D. Hoy, January 2014

I have been attending the Coach House Dental Practice for many years and have always been entirely happy with my treatment.

Mr. Davidson always goes out of his way to make sure his patients are relaxed and happy about what he is going to do, and on one occasion when I had to see another member of the team in an emergency, I was treated with the same courtesy.

I would happily recommend the Coach House Dental Practice.

- V. Andrews, November 2013

I am too embarrassed to confess to the number of years I avoided going to the dentist due to fear of having dental treatment. Now I am still a bit worried about visits to see Samantha Ellis at Coach House Dental Practice but the staff there are so warm and friendly and so concerned with the patients personally that it is almost like going to a social club.

- E. Pringle, October 2013

I came to your practice after you were recommended to me by a friend.

I, in turn, have recommended you to another one of my friends. I see the hygienist, Grecia Patel and now Ilka Kenyeres is my dentist. Your practice offers an excellent all round package of 1st class dental care. The receptionists are very helpful and polite as well. I wish I had come to the practice years ago. Well done all of you.

- B. Frost, October 2013

Over 20 years ago, I was terrified of any dentist. At Coach House I was sensitively managed by Mr. Nicoll and his team and I am still here. I would certainly recommend this practice and have in the past.

I am completely at ease now and the staff are engaging, give a personal service, thoughtful and accommodating. I always know exactly what is happening and feel valued as a customer. As soon as you walk into the practice the reception staff are friendly and inviting.

- M. Miller, October 2013

I was originally recommended to try the Coach House Dental Practice - and Tony Davidson in particular because of his care and 'gentleness' - in the face of raging toothache. That was over 24 years ago and I'm pleased to say that I'm still with them as a patient - and still receiving care and gentleness.

I've experienced an array of procedures, from check-ups to fillings, bridges and caps - all of which I've been very happy with. And I can say that the decision to have veneers was inspired. I love 'em!

The staff are wonderful, and importantly, they have a great knack of calming and relaxing patients coming through the door.

I have recommended this practice and will continue to do so. Visiting the dentist will never be a priority on my list of things to see and do, but it's a necessity, and this has to be the best place to come.

- K. Goodall, October 2013

Visiting the dentist is not my favourite pastime but over the years Mr. Nicoll has given me more confidence with his friendly manner and expertise.

The staff are easy to talk to and I would have no hesitation in recommending the dental practice to anyone.

- J.Florey, September 2013

Dr. Antoaneta Day has the most professional customer service approach to her work that makes seeing her a personal delight. She is most ably supported by a smiling, friendly, personable customer support team, otherwise know as reception. I would recommend this practice to anyone and no matter the distance, the service and treatment are of such a superior standard as to make distance not an issue. TOP CLASS

- M. Chamberlain, September 2013

I have just completed a course of treatment carried out by Mr. Anthony Davidson, Dental Surgeon of the Coach House Dental Practice, Frimley.

All the dental treatment of myself and, in their time, my family, has been undertaken only by the Coach House Dental Practice over very many years. I have just had dental implant work administered by Mr. Davidson. As a consequence, my bite has improved, there are no disfiguring areas of bare gum and the shape of my mouth has become more balanced. I now feel more confident in my public appearance. Mr. Davidson has had the sole responsibility for the care and maintenance of my teeth over all these years. The fact that, well into retirement, I still have a mouth full of healthy, presentable and functional teeth is a testimonial in itself!

The reason for my continued loyalty to this practice is because of their consistently caring, courteous, personal and professional service. Nothing is too much trouble, with emergencies being catered for and waiting delays minimised as a matter of course. From reception, to dentist, to hygienist: a seamless flow of care.

Key in this corporate endeavour is the personal attention to detail shown by the reception staff (I would pay particular tribute to Janet) as well as the professional expertise of Mr. Davidson who, with his Coach House colleagues, continually updates himself with the latest advances in his field.

I have, over the years, been particularly impressed by the meticulous record keeping, state-of-the-art technology and follow up care of this practice.

With the Coach House Dental Plans, no-one should feel excluded from enjoying the Coach House Experience for themselves!

- Stuart Parr, July 2013

I have been a patient at the Coach House for over 20 years with Mr. Davidson being my dentist throughout this time. I have been totally satisfied with the professionalism of Mr. Davidson and the service he provides. I feel that he gives an honest assessment of the work required, and at times the options available, thereby giving me the opportunity to choose, and the costs involved. I have also valued his opinion as an expert and being very comfortable to accept his advice.

I have recommended the Coach House to colleagues and friends over the years and will continue to do so. I do this as I have total confidence in Mr. Davidson, his work, knowledge and the respect he shows to his patients.

The reception staff at the Practice are to be commended for their friendly disposition and willingness to help patients. Their appearance straight away gives a good impression.

- Arnold Lewis, July 2013

We chose the Coach House as a family over 20 years ago after an unpleasant experience with a local dentist. The Coach House was recommended to us by friends and, over the years, we have passed on that recommendation many times.

Our children were happy with everything to do with the practice and remained as patients until they graduated from university and moved away.

We find everyone at the Coach House friendly and helpful and we have total confidence in Mr. Davidson. He is excellent in all aspects of his work and takes particular trouble to explain exactly what is required and what options of treatment are available.

I, personally, no longer dread dental treatment like I used to. This is down to Mr. Davidson's understanding of his patient!

- Ann Lewis, July 2013

This is the dental surgery for scaredy cats! The front staff and ambience are calming and the practitioners are friendly and professional. Wish the Coach House had been around when I was younger, with Mr. Waters as my dentist I would now have a lot more teeth today!

- P. Lacey, June 2013

I chose Coach House Dental Practice from personal recommendation. I'd previously had a bad dental experience and Mr. Davidson put me at my ease. He explained everything as he went along and I didn?t feel under pressure at any time.

I'd thoroughly recommend Mr. Davidson and the friendly and welcoming staff to my friends and family even if it means travelling a bit further.

- A. Lovell, June 2013

I originally came to the practice over 10 years ago as I had a problem with one of my teeth that another dentist could not sort. Stephen Nicoll was known to me and the problem was sorted.

I like the fact the Practice keeps up to date with all the modern techniques so I always feel confident that they are moving with the times and I continue to get the best treatment.

I do recommend the Coach House as I know you are in safe hands.

- A. Rogers, May 2013-06-03

My family and I have been Coach House clients for many years. The reception staff are friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is relaxed. Even when my children were young they did not find a visit to the dentist at all intimidating or worrying. The practice has a full range of treatments and modern facilities and my daughter had her braces fitted and monitored by the orthodontist with excellent results. I have always found the treatment to be excellent and would recommend the practice to any new prospective clients.

- Peter D. Evans, 24/5/13

We originally chose your practice because you offer sedation for my wife's crown work (she is a nervous patient) although in the event we did not use it.

Since then we have each had several courses of treatment and we have been satisfied with all your work.

We would certainly recommend you and your practice to others.

- J. V. Squier, May 2013

On first moving to Frimley, we needed to find a good dentist. Both of us had a history of bad experiences but fortunately a friend in the area recommended Mr. Millhouse as being well above average as a dentist.

This recommendation turned out to be exactly right and we have never experienced such good dental treatment in the 12 years that he has looked after us. His professional and friendly manner is always guaranteed to put you at your ease. Most importantly we feel totally confident that there will be no discomfort during the treatment. Even when we lived in the USA for 3 years we always returned to the practice on a routine basis.

The practice stands out as employing the best technology, latest methods and, most importantly, operated by friendly staff that put you at ease upon arrival. We certainly go out of our way to recommend Mr. Millhouse and the Coach House practice to anyone who seeks a new dentist. Without doubt it is ?best of class? and to our minds ?Coach House? stands out as the dental practice of choice.

- Jeanette Bruce, October 2012

I feel very fortunate in having chosen the Coach House Dental Practice for my complete dental health care. My dentist is Samantha Ellis, a pleasant person with a caring manner towards her patients. She is, in my opinion, ?The Best?. The hygienist I have is very good at her job and is a pleasure to meet always. I would certainly recommend this practice in the heart of Frimley.

- Anne Scott, October 2012

It was so refreshing to find a dental surgery that is extremely professional but still has a friendly courteous approach where nothing is ever a problem.

I find Nick to be open and honest and will always explain what needs to be done and the reason behind it. The work he has done over the past few years has been done to a very high standard which surpassed even my expectations, not only has it given me confidence, I have a great smile now.

- Peter Murray, October 2012

Because I am a nervous patient, I was recommended to the Coach House. From the first time I met Nick Millhouse and he began to look after my teeth, I can honestly say he's worked wonders for me. Keeping my teeth healthy has given my self esteem a real boost. The team are fantastic - Janet and Karen on the reception desk have been ever welcoming, informative and always ready with a reassuring smile. Carol, my hygienist, has kept my gums in good order throughout the years and has given me great tips on how to keep my teeth and gums in tip top shape.

I thank Nick Millhouse for keeping my teeth and gums healthy and doing so with great kindness and a lot of patience. He is the best dentist ever and I hope we continue our dentist / patient relationship for many years to come. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick Millhouse and the Coach House Dental Practice to everyone.

- Janet Kitney, October 2012

I chose Coach House Dental Practice because it was local to where I used to live. I continue to use the practice because the staff are very friendly and always happy to help. I am comfortable with my dentist and felt at ease during procedures. The practice has a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the staff are very attentive and helpful. The dentists are all very professional and treat patients extremely well, taking their time during check ups.

I would recommend the practice to others because it is a very organised establishment with the dentists all being well experienced. It is a very clean, bright practice and the staff seem happy to help.

I feel all the procedures and dental work is well explained prior to the appointment. There is a detailed assessment of the condition of the teeth and the dentists are honest about the work in question and the costing is clear.

- Vijaya Ved, August 2012 

I chose Coach House Dental Practice by chance as the nearest practice when moving into the area in 1984 and have continued because of total satisfaction ever since. What I feel makes the practice unique is the professional competence shown, the explanation of treatment options and their cost, the availability of latest techniques and the fact that the recommended treatment is based on suitability and not cost. I would absolutely recommend the practice to others. I have been happy with the treatment given and the delivery of that treatment. The support staff are always friendly, helpful and courteous.

I would not go willingly to anyone else for treatment. I know dentistry is expensive but I believe that Coach House gives best value for money.

- William Upton, August 2012

I moved to the area 30 years ago, found Coach House Dental Practice and have had a good relationship with its dentists over the years. What I appreciate is the personal attention, advice and friendly atmosphere. I am always happy to recommend the practice on the basis of the quality received and the relationship I have built with the staff there. For me, quality and high service are worth paying extra for.

- Stephen Scott, August 2012

I have been a patient at the Coach House Practice for many years and have always found the staff to be polite and very helpful. If I have any concerns over the treatment plan suggested I know that I can openly discuss these with my dentist, the dental nurse or the reception team so that I may make a fully informed decision. There always appears to be an air of calm within the practice and I am treated professionally and courteously at all times.

- SD

I just wanted to wanted to say how much I appreciate your kindness and understanding when I have dental treatment with you.

When I leave your surgery I always feel my "thank-yous" are never enough!

You couldn't be more caring and I really do thank you.

- GP

It is with much regret that we have now decided to move dental practices.

I wanted to say a big thank-you for all you have done for me and my family. When I first joined your practice I was referred by my local dentist, as I was extremely nervous after painful, extensive orthodontic treatment as a child.

You and your team have completely regained my confidence over the years. I can honestly say that I now almost enjoy my visits and even even willingly have had fillings etc with no anaesthetic!

Ending our registration with your surgery is only due to the distance and costs involved. I now feel confident enough to "go it alone" and join a local surgery, all thanks to you!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your staff best wishes for the future.

- A.H.

The following comments are taken from a satisfaction questionnaire where a random selection of patients were asked to respond anonymously to a series of questions. The following quotes are taken from the last section where patients could add any additional comments if they so wished to.

Now further for me to travel but worth every mile. All staff and facilities are EXCELLENT!

Very friendly and warm reception team and a calm, relaxing atmosphere within the waiting area,

Mr. Millhouse is a very good dentist!

Always made to feel welcome. In fact, we have been using the practice for 20 years si it almost feels like I'm visiting friends!!!

The treatment I have received from Mr. Nicoll and Nikki has been very good.

All the staff are always very friendly and helpful.

Very pleased with the service.

I have always found all the staff, hygienists and dentists very helpful as is my dentist, Mr. Waters.

All staff members are always kind, helpful and reassuring. Thank you!



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