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The aim of orthodontic treatment is to not only create beautiful smiles but also to align teeth in such a way that biting and chewing are more effective. In this way orthodontic treatment can not only improve a person's appearance but can help in maintaining good oral health and improving social skills.

While orthodontic treatment has in the past been associated with children and young adults, age is no longer a barrier to achieving the smile you have always dreamed of.

Investing in orthodontic treatment is an investment in self esteem and self confidence and it is, therefore, vital that expert advice is sought.


Here at Cedar Clinic we provide a wide range of appliances to help straighten teeth, including the very popular removable, see-through and virtually invisible aligners.


Our Orthodontic service is led by Dr. Sharan Gill who has 20 years experience in Orthodontics, and a recognised General Dental Council Specialist

Why not take advantage of our free initial orthodontic consultation to find out how you may benefit?

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